Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).  We have a CSR Policy that responds to the needs of various elements within society.  This includes our Business Partners, the environment and the community, and our employees.  Our CSR are reflective of our Values

Our responsibility to our Business Partners.  We provide our Business Partners with credentialed, trained, motivated, and supervised employees.  We recognize that the corporate culture of our business partners varies.  As such, we tailor our services to meet their specific needs.  Those needs are understood by our Assets Protection Officers.  An account manager is assigned to each Business Partner to facilitate open and honest communication.   

​​Our responsibility to the environment and the community.  We have drastically reduced our carbon footprint by reducing (energy and material used in our company), reusing (whatever we can), and recycling.  We have automated many of our services.  This has resulted in the reduction of paper used throughout our organization.  We donate resources to nonprofit organizations annually that benefit the community.

​Our responsibility to our employees.  We understand the importance and value of our employees.  As such: we listen to them and respect their opinions; we seek their input; we provide them with regular feedback; they know what our expectations are; we trust them; they have accepted our company’s Mission, Vision, and Values statements; they are empowered, recognized and rewarded for performing their jobs well. 

We contribute to our employees medical and dental insurance premiums, provide workers compensation insurance, accidental death insurance, uniforms, tuition reimbursement, a harassment free work environment, a standard of living pay rate, and an annual pay rate increase contingent upon them completing the continuing professional education (CPE) requirements, and their performance. 

We are making a difference!

2023 Non-Profit Organizations Supported

March of Dimes

Oakcrest Manor Nursing Home

Our Daily Bread Ministries

St Jude Children’s Research Hospital

2022 Non-Profit Organizations Supported

​Central Texas Food Bank
KIPP Atlanta Collegiate Volleyball
Oakcrest Manor Nursing Home
​Our Daily Bread Ministries