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Cloud / Video Surveillance Design

Simple, Scalable, Secure. Alibi Cloud Video Surveillance makes enterprise-level cloud surveillance accessible for virtually any-sized application or budget. Featuring an ultra-secure camera-to-cloud architecture, Alibi Cloud VS dramatically reduces your up-front hardware investment and maintenance requirements, saving you valuable time and money. Ideal for both business and residential applications, Alibi Cloud VS is remarkably scalable – and can easily support larger camera counts and multi-site projects.

Centralized Management

View cameras from single or multiple locations via a single dashboard, simplifying management and streamlining review of your video evidence.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)

No recording equipment, minimal maintenance requirements, and on-demand scalability – so you only pay for what you need, when you need it.

Enhanced Security

No port forwarding necessary. SSL/TSL handshakes are used to make the connection from camera to cloud, ensuring encrypted transmission up and down. Video is stored in ultra-secure Tier 4 data centers, featuring triple-redundancy and fault-tolerant infrastructure to ensure your evidence is always safe.

Eliminate Common Failure Points

Stream directly from camera to the cloud, ensuring you never lose video footage due to a faulty recorder or failed hard drive.

Benefits Points and Technology


Alibi Cloud Video Surveillance cameras firmware is updated automatically, this includes security updates. Cameras still require maintenance or cleaning. When dirt and grim is allowed to accumulate on the camera lens it creates infrared (IR) bounce back. IR bounce back interferes with the camera’s performance during hours of limited visibility

Image taken December 20, 2022. Before cleaning. Notice the IR bounce back (white spots) off the grim on the camera lens.
Image taken December 28, 2022. After cleaning. Camera cleaned December 21, 2022.